5 reasons why I switched to a Mac

macIf I were to choose the type of computer to use in any technology I would choose mac because they are the best. I was once a pc user which was simply because I felt it was cheap and I invested too much on pc system but the idea of switching to mac was tempting.


  • It has apps that help one to explore, connect and work.
  • It has more power and takes beautiful photos and stores them for a long time.
  • It is able to store a lot of power that I can utilize all day without charging every now and then.
  • It creates creativity in education and curiosity to know more in classroom environment.
  • They are light to carry anywhere compared to pc.



  • Windows are better on an apple than a pc bringing about a smooth performance since OS X was created allowing apple users to use pc programs on a mac.
  • Great sleeping mode.


Apple computers when put into sleep mode they return almost instantly compared to a pc which hangs and goes weird after sometime.

  • Portability.


There is portability of information as it sets standard for smart devices and are still the best in the market.

  • Cost.


Even though apple computers cost more but keep value and many people still use them since they are better with a quality material which is an aluminum.

  • Apple don’t need drivers.


There is no need for a driver since it has its own software in the hardware.

  • Operating system got a lot better.


Apple computers became professional machines once the OS X came out.

  • Mac mini.




Mac computers used mini things which appeared and worked well with everything plugged into it since it worked, functioned and dependable.

The biggest reason making windows users have a hard time to switch to a mac is because they have obtained a number of years of window software.